Massive explosion at a big refinery near Philadelphia


It was caused by butane produced in refinery. The refinery has its own fire brigade. The refinery’s fire crews have been fighting the flames. The blaze has been contained to the general vat area. Tanks surrounding the area were being cooled as a precaution. One worker complained of chest pains after the fire started but did not need to be taken to a hospital. No other injuries have been reported. No one who’d been at the facility is missing. The initial explosion didn’t injure anyone. The extent of damage to the refinery wasn’t clear early Friday.


Portions of Interstate 76 and the city’s Platt Bridge were temporarily closed after the fire, according to the city’s Office of Emergency Management. Philadelphia Energy Solutions had an industrial hygienist take air-quality readings, and the area “is clear,” city Deputy Fire Commissioner Craig Murphy said. The refinery located outside Philadelphia is the longest continuously operating refinery on the East Coast, 150-year-old. The complex processed  335,000 barrels of oil daily.


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