Mr Trump on electoral campaign promised to cure cancer


In front of the crowd at a packed Amway Center, Mr. Trump said his administration would work to cure cancer. He also promised to eradicate AIDS in America. “We will push onward with new medical frontiers,” Mr. Trump said. As a common thing, he reaffirmed his position on issues like immigration. Not at least, Mr.Trump told: “We will lay the foundation for landing American astronauts on the surface of Mars.” Critics appreciated all those as extravagant pledges. On his speech, Trump attacked his enemies, including Hilary Clinton, Democrats, and the “fake news” media.


“They want to destroy you and they want to destroy our country as we know it, not acceptable. It’s not going to happen,” Trump said about the Democrats. Trump suggested the Russian investigation was illegal and criticized the amount of money it had cost. Making and keeping America great again will be once again his electoral slogan. “I can promise you that I will never, ever, ever let you down. I won’t.” He dedicated a significant portion of his speech to extolling the breakneck pace at which his administration has had conservative judges appointed to the bench. It will take a little more to win election in 2020, some analysts say.


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