A crane collapsed Sunday in Dallas, with victims


The crane was located next door to the building. One woman in the building was killed. At least six  other people were injured, two of them critically. They were taken to Baylor and Parkland hospitals. A person was treated and has already been released. ” We tried to run, barely made it. The man next to me broke his neck. I helped him out of his apartment, him and his dog,” one resident at the apartment said. Many residents from the building were gathering at a cultural center across the street.


The crane ripped a large gash into the side of the five-story structure located at 2627 Live Oak St. “The building itself has suffered multiple collapses in different areas of the building to include residential spaces and the parking garage,” Dallas Fire-Rescue spokesman Jason Evans said during a press briefing. The parking garage collapsed and there are multiple vehicles inside. Multiple agencies have been called to the scene to assist.First responders searched every apartment they could reach and found no other victims. Severe storms were moving through the area at the time.


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