Large and dangerous tornadoes produced destruction in Ohio area


“A large, dangerous tornado touched down last night in northwest Montgomery County, we are focused on supporting life-saving measures, such as shutting down gas lines or locating people who are trapped by debris,” a post on the county’s Twitter page announced. The tornado’s path crossed directly over Interstate 75. It leveled homes and entire apartment complexes and knocked out power and water to tens of thousands of people.  More than 80,000 people in Ohio were without power early Tuesday morning. An update on the tornado damage was given at a press conference at Dayton’s City Hall at 7 a.m. Tuesday. The rescue crews were going house to house looking for trapped residents. The damage was big in Dayton. There were no reports of fatalities and only some minor injuries.


Several other tornadoes were reported in Ohio on Monday night, including in Celina, where numerous trees and power lines were downed. Severe weather expands eastward into Pennsylvania, southern New York, Maryland and New Jersey. The biggest threat for tornadoes on Tuesday is from Kansas City into western Illinois. Similar threats on Wednesday will stretch from Texas all the way to New Jersey, with tornado threats highest in the southern Plains.


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