Members of a family were injured at themed Castle Park in Riverside


All members of one family were tossed into the water. They were transported to the hospital. A 10-year-old boy injured in the incident appeared to suffer a cut to his ear and head injuries, while his father suffered scrapes to his arm and back. A mechanical problem with a ride’s water pump apparently caused the accident. The pump was responsible for filling up one of the ride’s splash zones. It’s believed that the malfunction caused the ride to travel at a faster than normal speed. Firefighters arrived to discover Castle Park EMT’s removing the patients from the ride with no riders trapped.  An investigation is underway.


The Log Ride was immediately shut down.  “First and foremost – our thoughts and prayers are with the guests involved,” Castle Park said in a statement. “Safety is our number one priority and we have begun conducting a full investigation.” Castle Park was founded in 1976 and the installations are verified on daily basis.


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