Lost Kentucky toddler was found alive after three days in the woods


ay evening when Howard walked away for a few minutes. The toddler was gone and not found in the next hour. Hundreds of searchers from throughout Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee scoured the woods. Crews were using dogs, ATVs, helicopters and drones with thermal cameras to search the rugged terrain. Rescuers found Kenneth on Wednesday afternoon nearly 1,800 feet from his house southeast of Lexington. He was found crying on a cliff area. He survived about 67 hours in cold and rainy weather wearing only a T-shirt and sweatpants. The child was dehydrated but in good condition.

Rescued toddler

Medical professionals were amazed at Howard’s condition. „He was just in a little isolated area that no one thought he would be in,” Sheriff Carson Montgomery told to media. Even rescuers considered a miracle the fact he was found. But at the same time they appreciated his resistance. Kenneth’s father had offered to put up a $,5,000 reward for his return. “Best thing to ever happen to me in my life,” fe exclaimed when the boy was found.


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