Shooting with victim and several injured in Denver suburb


One person died and eight others were injured. Several of the injured are in critical condition and some were in surgery. All those injured in the are students at the school, age 15 and older. The suspects are in custody. They are described as an adult male and a juvenile male. The sheriff’s department confirmed that one student, an 18-year-old male, was killed in the . The adult suspect was identified by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday night as Devon Erickson, 18. Authorities have secured a suspect’s vehicle. Deputies executed a search warrant at one of the suspected gunman’s home in Highlands Ranch.


The investigation is ongoing. The K-12 public charter school, formally known as STEM School Highlands Ranch, serves over 1,850 students and is part of the Douglas County School District. The school is considered a “think tank and learning lab” for creativity. Students from STEM School Highlands Ranch were being taken by bus to Northridge Rec Center, located at 8800 South Broadway, where parents can pick them up.  “This is a terrible event,” said Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock. “This is something nobody wants to have happen in their community.”


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