A Boeing 737 plane went off the runway in Florida and got into the water


The plane is in shallow water and not submerged, and everyone is alive, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said. Only minor injuries were reported. Fire and rescue crews were at the scene. “Navy security and emergency response personnel are on the scene and monitoring the situation,” NAS Jacksonville said in the statement. 21 people were transported from the scene and taken to local hospitals in good condition. There were military personnel and civilians connected to the military in some way on board and there were families with young children on the plane.

Boeing in the St. Johns River

The plane is owned by Miami Air International, which operates charter flights from Guantanamo to Naval air stations in Jacksonville and Norfolk, Virginia. Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said authorities were working to control jet fuel that had leaked into the water and that his office received a call from the White House. The plane landed during a rainstorm with low visibility. An investigation is underway.


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