Residents in Iowa deal with Mississipi river flooding


Flooding in downtown Davenport, Iowa has broken the record set in 1993, and waters continue to rise. Davenport does not have a flood wall. The city needs to put in HESCO barriers to keep water out of the businesses close to the Mississippi. In the past, they have held when the river reached 21 feet. Now they were tested with flooding at 22 feet. On Thursday afternoon, officials announced the river level in Davenport was at 22.64 feet.


The combination of rain softening the sand in the barriers and constant pressure from the floodwater was too much. The problems for the Midwest started with the bomb cyclone in March that overloaded the Mississippi and Missouri river basins with meltwater. The number of roads damaged or flooded is high. The Coast Guard stationed at the arsenal helped shuttle evacuees to and from their homes and businesses. City leaders estimate that flood damage in Davenport will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. That doesn’t include damage to private properties.


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