Residents in Mooresboro were evacuated after fire broke at a metal plant


Air quality warnings were issued. The fire may have released harmful sulphuric acid into the air. Even firefighters pulled back after their equipment was tested positive for hazardous materials. Water was applied after to the flammes through the use of ‘unmanned nozzles’. A mandatory evacuation zone has been established within a half mile (0.8 km) around. Sheriff deputies had gone door-to-door to inform residents of the evacuation order. An evacuation shelter has been set up at a local high school. Inhalation of large quantities of zinc can cause a short-term disease called metal fume fever which typically stops after exposure to zinc ceases. But other effects may occur on the long term.


By 07:15 local time on Monday, the blaze had been extinguished, but air quality testing continued. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. Nobody has been injured in the blaze. On Monday morning, the U.S.-221 was closed in both directions near Hines Road due to the fire.


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