Huge discount on Apple iPhone 5 in Wal-Mart stores


The offer will be limited to only 30 days and will only be available in some Wal-Mart stores (in close to 3000 stores). The offer won’t be available online either. Apple is well known for its premium gadgets that are often high-priced. This is because Apple enforced the prices with distributors and retailers world-wide.

A Wal-Mart spokeswoman, Sarah Spencer, explained that Wal-Mart has worked together with Apple in order to be able to offer the discounts. Mrs. Spencer explained: “We worked together with them on this. They are a great partner”.

iPhone 5 won’t be the only discounted Apple product. Wal-Mart will slash down with $100 the price for the iPad and with $53 the price for the iPhone 4S.


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