A World War II veteran turning 100 wants a postcard from you


He is a current resident at the Mayflower Assisted Living in Lexington, Virginia. He is loved by all. One of Painter’s jobs during the war was that of a driver messenger– he took messages between the platoons. He wants now something special for his centenar day. He enjoys receiving cards.  The retirement home asked people on social media to send Painter 100 cards to celebrate. They do ! South Dakota, Texas, New Hampshire, and Washington are just a few of the states where cards are coming in from. Ray has amazing feelings. “It surprised me getting all these cards yeah,” Painter said. “Don’t many people live to be this old.”He said it only took him 100 years to be famous. He likes to receive more !


If you wish to send him a card, make them out to: Ray Painter, C/O The Mayflower 409 S. Main St. Lexington, VA 24450. Say him something like: Thank you Ray Painter for your service! When he will receive it he will have a good moment.


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