Investigators discover “concrete evidence” on motive behind Connecticut school killing



The gunman is identified by the law enforcement agencies as Adam Lanza. On Friday morning, Lanza opened fire at the Sandy Hook Elementary School located in Newtown. The school teaches children of age 5-10. The gunman killed himself before killing 26 more people. The gunman is suspected of killing his own mother at her residence.  The shooter killed 26 people before turning the gun on him, and was suspected of killing another person before the massacre

In a news conference, Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance stated that the investigators have come up with evidences that will help unravel the motive of the killers. He further added that the killing has tormented the equilibrium of Newtown which once happens to be the 5th safest city in New York.

This sad event triggered President Obama to show tears on national television on Friday.

Former classmates of the gunman have reminiscence of him as a loner. They remember him as someone who used to wear more than usual formal dress and used to have pocket protector.



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