A 20-year-old student died while posing for a photo


She was visiting the Arkansas forest as part of a class activity. She fell approximately 100 fee while posing for a photo. The area is known to be dangerous. The spot is one of the most photographed areas but several people have met the same fate in recent years.

Hawksbill Crag
Hawksbill Crag

“This is the second callout to the area this year that involved a serious fall, and the season is just beginning,” Newton County Sheriff Glenn Wheeler said. Norton, who was from Hot Springs, South Dakota, was on the university’s volleyball team. She was described by the University “a passionate environmental science major, exemplary student and dedicated athlete. She lived BCU’s values in everything she did from the classroom to the court and everywhere she went.” In addition, “she inspired those who knew her to be the best version of themselves, helped them reach their own goals and had such compassion for everything,” the tweet said.


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