Cancellations for the Boeing 737 Max flights were extended in America


This will affect about 115 flights per day, which means 1.5% of American’s total flying per day in the summer. Boeing has slowed production and stopped deliveries of 737 Max as it works on a software fix. The airline has 24 737 Max jets in its fleet. “We remain confident that the impending software updates, along with the new training elements Boeing is developing for the MAX, will lead to recertification of the aircraft soon,” American CEO Doug Parker and President Robert Isom wrote in a letter to employees Sunday.


Southwest Airlines last week also extended flight cancellations for 737 Max planes from June until August. A Southwest-operated 737 Max experienced an engine problem in late March while being ferried from Florida to California for storage. The pilots turned around for an emergency landing. The causes of the crashes are still being investigated Boeing said Thursday that it’s completed 96 flights with the new Max software fix. They say the update will make the plane “even safer” because it will prevent “erroneous” sensor readings.


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