At least one killed, many injured in a gas explosion in North Carolina


It happened on North Duke Street not long after a gas leak was reported. It sounded like a bomb. A fire was burning. Police, paramedics and firefighters arrived soon. The building where the blast occurred appears to host some businesses, including a coffee shop and a mental health clinic. Durham police said at least one person was killed and 15 others were injured in the explosion.They were transported to area hospitals. A firefighter was also taken to the hospital in serious condition. Before explosion, people smelled heavy gas. A school across the street announced it would be dismissing students early. People described a scene like a war zone. Glass and debris were everywhere.


Not yet confirmed but a portion of one of the rarest Porsche automobile collections in the world could have been damaged in the  explosion. They where on display at 111 N. Duke Street in downtown Durham, directly next to 115 N. Duke Street, which collapsed after the explosion. The city posted a notice to social media, asking residents to stay away from Morgan and Duke Streets.


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