“The Flintstone House” enraged authorities in Hillsborough


In March 2019, the town of Hillsborough filed a complaint against the current owner of the house, Florence Fang, 84, who made modifications without approval, including installation of large oxidized steel sculptures of dinosaurs, a woolly mammoth, a giraffe, and Fred Flintstone in the yard. Now, the California town rejects The Flinstones House. Officials said the property is a public nuisance and an eyesore. They asked Florence Fang to remove the garden installations.

The Flintstone House

Mark Hudak, an attorney for Hillsborough, says the town prides itself on its rural, woodsy feel, and rules are in place “so neighbors don’t have to look at your version of what you would like to have, and you don’t have to look at theirs.” The homeowner ignored three work-stop orders issued by the city and an administrative order to remove the installations by Dec. 5, 2018. However an online petition was signed by thousands to preserve the attention-grabbing property. “Mrs. Fang has made people smile, she’s giving them joy. What’s not to love about Dino, who acts like a dog?” said Angela Alioto, a former San Francisco supervisor. “What is wrong with these people?” The future of “The Flintstone House” will be decided in justice.


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