Artist Cosimo Cavallaro began construction of a cheese wall near the US-Mexico border


„I don’t like walls,so this is a wall that I can handle, this is a wall I can live with, because this wall is a perishable, it will not last. the cheese is spoiled. it just means that for the regulations it’s not to be consumed.,”Cavalaro motivated. The artist is trying to raise $500,000 to purchase the expired blocks of cheese needed, using a GoFundMe campaign. He is also selling merchandise branded “Make America Grate Again” in support of the efforts. The cheese costs $100 per block. “The first thing that comes to your mind is that it’s absurd,” Cavallaro told to media.

The cheese wall in construction

He wants to demonstrate that both his wall and President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico are similarly pointless. He wants to react to  the “political environment” of the current moment, according declarations. “To spend all this money to keep dividing the countries, I think is a waste,” he says. A website for the project says a goal of the Cheese Wall is to start dialogue and conversations. Cosimo Cavallaro was born in Montreal in 1961. As son of Italian immigrants, he was raised both in Canada and in Italy. He attended art school at Dawson College and then at Concordia University, Montreal. He worked for Boardwalk Pictures and for Derek Van Lint (Alien) in Toronto, Le Verseau and Cinelaund Montreal.


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