Susan Rice pulls out of the race of Secretary of State


Susan Rice’s announcement to end her bid for the post could echo across two sections of government, and reshape President Obama’s cabinet selection. It could also change the structure of the U.S. Senate.

President Obama is yet to nominate successor to the current secretary of state Hilary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton refused to stay as the secretary of state for the second term making Susan Rice the top contender for the post. But, after she pulled out of the race, it’s not sure who’s going to fill in the shoes of Hilary Clinton.

Susan Rice wrote a letter to President Obama and expressed how honored she felt to be considered for the post of secretary of state but considers the process to be lengthy and expensive for the countries national and international priorities.

Rice is scheduled to attend a meeting with President Obama in his Oval office on Friday. She is expected to remain in the administration but not in a role that needs confirmation from the Senate.


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