Fire at ITC facility in Deer Park near Houston is still active


The six tanks on fire contain the chemicals naphtha and xylene which are used in gasoline and solvents. The cause of the fireball was not immediately known. A large plume of black smoke is hovering over southeast Texas. Officials said there was nothing toxic in the smoke in spite of reports of small debris falling. The districts canceled classes Monday but resumed the next day even if mixed reaction from parents existed. „My kids will not be in school until the fire is out,” a parent wrote.


ITC company apologized to residents for facility fire. “By looking behind me, you can tell this is not normal, this is not fine,” said Corey Williams, policy and research director for Air Alliance Houston, on Monday. Naphta and xylene can cause irritation to eyes and the respiratory system. Both substances affect the central nervous system and are harmful and even fatal if swallowed. Officials said Tuesday that they’re unable to give a timeline on how long it will take for the fuel to burn off.


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