More than 180 persons were stranded in a train in Oregon from Sunday

An Amtrak train heading from Seattle to Los Angeles has been stuck in Oakridge, Oregon for two nights after striking a fallen tree around 6 p.m. Sunday night.

Union Pacific released a statement Monday night saying: “The Amtrak train in Oakridge, Oregon, is inoperable due to weather conditions and downed trees. UP crews are in the process of clearing the track and are expected to reach the train by 6 a.m. PT." The weather in the area has prevented alternative forms of transportation. Conditions are difficult in the area. The town of Oakridge has no electricity due to the weather and nearby Oregon Highway 58 is closed due to snow and ice. Snow continued to accumulate. More than 180 persons were trapped in train. Passengers cannot go anywhere.

People inside the train

The passengers include families with children and a few dozen college students including about 20 students from Japan. They made various things together, from playing cards to dancing. The train had power and enough food on board, for which passengers will not be charged, Amtrak said. However, Tuesday morning they had been told breakfast would be the last meal available. Some people don't have good cell phone reception in the area. Oakridge is about 45 miles southeast of Eugene and the target for Union Pacific is to go there.