Chávez names successor after announcing his cancer has returned


The president of the National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello and the Vice President Nicolas Maduro met together with President Hugo Chávez and held a press meeting. During this meeting the actual President designated his current Vice President as the next successor to presidency in case he would be unable to continue in his current position. The announcement was made from the presidential palace where several other members of the cabinet were present too.

The public announcement comes shortly after Mr. Chávez was elected to do another six year term starting with January. The President of Venezuela did tests to find cancer right after his re-election but the results were negative. However, after he later experienced pain and swelling Chávez went back on November 27 to Cuba for further tests and analysis.

Unfortunately the result was positive for Cancer this time as some malignant cells were found. The President refused to publicly say what kind of cancer he has. He fights it since June 2011 when he received his first cancer diagnosis. With a little luck he might finally get rid of it after another operation followed by another chemotherapy session.


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