Record drugs capture was made at the U.S. – Mexico border


Nearly 254 pounds of fentanyl, enaugh to kill 57 million Americans was seized, with a value of around $3.5 million. 395 pound of methamphetamine was also found and seized. The drugs were in a special compartment of a trailer, which was “laden” with cucumbers. Sniffers dogs participated in this action.


Officers at the Port of Nogales in Arizona arrested Juan Antonio Torres-Barraza, 26-year-old. The suspect was a participant in the Fast and Secure Trade program and, after the arrest, the person’s FAST card was “processed for revocation.” The investigation is ongoing. “I want to express my gratitude to the CBP officers involved in this case and Nogales personnel who selflessly perform their duties with dedication, vigilance, and professional even during a funding hiatus,” said Nogales Area Port Director Michael Humphries. On Thursday evening, Trump thanked border patrol agents for the drug seizure. “Our great U.S. Border Patrol Agents made the biggest Fentanyl bust in our Country’s history,” he wrote. “Thanks, as always, for a job well done!”


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