President Trump decided to reopen government with condition


Trump did not appear conciliatory nor did he concede defeat. He continued to describe the matter as a national security crisis and said another shutdown is possible in weeks, on February 15, if lawmakers cannot agree to new border wall funding. “As everyone knows I have a very powerful alternative but I’m not going to use it at this time,” Trump said. An emergency proclamation had been drafted that would allow for potentially billions of federal dollars to be put toward wall construction. “We will have great security,” Trump promised.


American family

The measure Trump agreed to would allow federal workers to resume being paid as Democratic and Republican lawmakers convene to discuss the administration’s requests for border security funding. The actual decision of President Trump is opening the way to pay the 800,000 federal workers. He promised to ensure that workers would be compensated for the paychecks they have missed. Lawmakers from both parties greeted the news with relief. Democrats said they would work in good faith to strike a deal on border security funding. However Nancy Pelosi stated plainly that any compromise would not include money for a new border wall. The cease-fire should pave the way for Mr. Trump to deliver his State of the Union address to Congress.


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