Best Buy customer receives 5 iPad tablets instead of one


A store rep from Best Buy’s 1-800 number acknowledged their mistake. Again, to the woman’s surprised she was told to keep the extra iPads. The store rep said: “We encourage you to keep the additional iPads and give them to people in need – friends, family, a local school or charity”.

Unfortunately for the American consumer electronics retailer this was not an isolated case. Another Best Buy customer reported a similar situation that happened to him. He ordered an iPad and received a package with five iPad tablets from Best Buy. A call to the Best Buy’s customer service free number had the same result as before. The Best Buy rep said there’s nothing she can do as the order was marked in their database as having only one iPad in the sent package.

This time the man was presented with a return solution that involved him dropping of the extra iPads at a local Best Buy store. The man who received the extra four iPads said he has his reservations regarding how will the return be traced and thus he decided to keep all the iPads for now.

If two people publicly admitted they received an “extra gift” to their order then most likely this is not an isolated situation. It is possible that this happened to hundreds of people. Seems like Santa Claus arrived a little earlier for some of us!


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