The government shutdown will continue in the U.S.


The Democratic plan to reopen the government without funding for President ’s border wall earned however more votes. Neither the president nor Democratic leaders have shown any willingness to back down even in the 34th day of the partial shutdown. Democrats and some Republicans in the Senate have urged Trump to temporarily reopen the government while the White House and Congress negotiate a broader immigration deal. Trump has insisted on securing financing for the wall before he agrees to fund the government.


The Democratic-held House has repeatedly voted to fund the closed quarter of the government, or individual departments, without putting money toward the wall. Democrats have insisted that the U.S. can secure its borders without a wall as the president describes it. On Friday, 800,000 federal employees will start losing their second paychecks. The shutdown has affected various services from airports to FBI investigations and food safety inspections. the shutdown is expected to reduce gross domestic product growth for the first quarter.


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