Passengers of an United Airilines flight returned on Newark Airport after one day and an embarassant experience


The plane took off Saturday afternoon. It then had to be diverted to Newfoundland, Canada for a medical emergency. It was diverted to Goose Bay Airport, a military base in Canada’s Newfoundland, where “medical personnel met the aircraft at the gate and the customer was transported to a local hospital.” When the flight was set to take off again, it experienced a mechanical issue. A door broke. The flight remained grounded.


The plane sat on the tarmac for 14 hours and the passengers could not get off because there was not a customs officer on duty. There was a cold weather, with temperature significantly below zero. On Sunday morning, Goose Bay officials brought on donuts and coffee from Tim Hortons, the classic Canadian fast food restaurant. An alternative aircraft containing meals for the passengers was flown to Goose Bay to transport customers back to Newark. United apologized to its customers. Passengers have returned to Newark late Sunday. The company rebooked many of the passengers. All passengers on board were given a full refund, an additional $500 credit, a $100 gift card and vouchers for food and a hotel stay.


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