Chevrolet made a LEGO replica of one of its trucks


Oxford Community Schools and Detroit’s Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary students participated to the event. “We are thrilled to reveal the LEGO Silverado, said Sandor Piszar, the marketing director for Chevrolet Trucks. “This is a totally realistic replica of our all-new 2019 Silverado LT Trail Boss, and it’s the first time that a full-sized Chevy vehicle has ever been made with LEGO pieces.” That Chevrolet will be featured in a cameo role in the upcoming film “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part,” which will be released on Feb. 8. The model made of 334,544 LEGO pieces is 72 inches high, 240 inches long and 96 inches wide and weighs 3,307 pounds total.


It took more than 2,000 hours to assemble it by 18 LEGO Master Builders at the LEGO Model Shop in Enfield, Connecticut. The LEGO pieces were glued together and the finished model was loaded onto a car-carrier truck and transported from Enfield to Detroit. The auto show is open to the public until Jan. 27.


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