A man was arrested in Georgia for planning an attack at the White House


He wanted to blow a hole in the presidential building with an AT4 before killing those inside with semi-automatic rifles, according to the  FBI. Mr Taheb told a confidential FBI source in October that he planned to travel abroad to territory controlled by the Islamic State group. He also confessed he wanted to carry out an attack in the US against the White House and the Statue of Liberty. Mr Taheb “explained that jihad was an obligation, that he wanted to do as much damage as possible.


He had a plan for attack. He asked the undercover agent to obtain the weapons and explosives needed to carry out the attack. Mr Taheb met with the FBI source and undercover agent on Wednesday in a parking lot in Buford, Georgia, to exchange their cars for semi-automatic assault rifles, three explosive devices with remote detonators and an anti-tank rocket. At that point, the agents arrested Mr Taheb. He was charged by a court in Atlanta. All threats have been “neutralised”, the United States attorney for the district of Georgia confirmed.


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