Tennessee former teacher Tad Cummins was sentenced for a long time in prison


His victim said the effects of his actions on her were “devastating and permanent.” Tad Cummins first pleaded not guilty to the charges against him but later pleaded guilty in April of 2018 to obstructing justice and taking a minor across state lines for sex. Prosecutors asked for a a sentence of 30 years. Prior to sentencing, Cummins broke down crying as he apologized for the harm he caused the victim, now 17, and his own family, some of whom were in the courtroom, including his two daughters.

Elizabeth Thomas

Cummins repeatedly said he had no idea why he did what he did, calling it a “misguided attempt to help that went sideways in a way I don’t know I’ll ever understand.” Thomas told authorities she and Cummins had sex ‘every day as they traveled from state to state,’ between March 13 and April 20, 2017. She also said Cummins kept a gun in the car’s console and she couldn’t escape. „Where was any of that [regrets] when you first had me alone in your classroom closet and violated me over and over again for months? Where was any of that when you spent untold amounts of time and effort into manipulating, pressuring and deceiving me into thinking that you were the only person that cared about me?” Elizabeth Thomas asked.


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