Allergic boy died inhaling fish cooking odor


He suffered from asthma and had a severe allergic reaction to fish. Cameron inhaled a traditional Caribbean fish dish that his grandmother was cooking. It happened suddenly.The father, Steven Jean-Pierre. immediately administered a nebulizer machine on the boy, which the child always had with him. The boy was pronounced dead at the Brookdale Hospital Medical Center in Brooklyn.


“My son’s last words were ‘Daddy I love you, daddy I love you,” the father said. “For me, my son was a leader, ambitious…My son was loved by everybody. Anytime somebody came across my son, they loved him,” he added. The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology warns people with allergies to fish to “stay out of areas where fish is being cooked, as proteins may be released into the air during cooking.” The city medical examiner will determine the boy’s official cause of death.


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