A 7-year-old girl was shot and killed inside a car in a Houston area


Three other girls were in the car and were devastated after incident. The girl who died was 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes. Her mother, 30-year-old LaPorsha Washington, was wounded but survived her injury. Another child in the car sustained injuries from glass fragments.The suspect in the remains at large. Deputies say the man should be considered armed and dangerous, and anyone with information is asked to call investigators at 713-221-6000, Harris County Sheriff’s Office.


They asked for community help. Suspected shooter was described as white male, 40s, a beard, driving a red truck. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted. “So senseless. It’s never easy, and extra hard during the holiday season.” A total of 663 children aged 0-11 were killed or injured in 2018 in America.


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