Braxton Moral, a young American from Kansas, will graduate from Harvard 17 years old


The first signs of his advanced intellect appeared when Braxton was a toddler. Later, his parents took him to a local community college for testing and the results revealed that his intelligence, “surpassed college freshman level. “The Ulysses school district allowed him to take some high school classes while he was still in middle school. Before high school he took a class offered at Fort Hays State University. Then he was admitted into Harvard and simultaneously studied at the high school and the Harvard Extension School, a  program which typically serves adults who work and can’t attend classes on campus full time. It is available for “every time zone, every culture and career background, every age from 18 to 89.” 

Braxton-MoralBraxton Moral

The family took out some Sallie Mae private loans to help pay the cost. His favorite class at Harvard was Ancient Greek Heros, a course that focuses on Greek mythology. The young  man has his eyes on a career in government. Braxton hopes that his undergraduate degree will pave the way for admission to Harvard Law School. Recently Kansas Govorner Dr. Jeff Colyer wrote on Twitter about a meeting with Braxton: „This impressive young man is about to graduate from @Harvard at the age of 16! He wants to be a public servant and I encouraged him to do so. We’re proud to call him one of Kansas’ own!”


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