The House accepted to fund the border wall but government shutdown is yet possible in the U.S.


After the president said Thursday he would not sign a spending measure that does not include money for a border wall, with a vote of 217 to 185,The House passed a stopgap measure Thursday night to fund the government that includes $5 billion for a border wall. However, on Wednesday night, the Senate passed a funding bill that does not include border wall money. They will have now to decide and a government shutdown may occur on Saturday. Republican senators need Democratic votes. They have not given Trump his wall funding in the past two years. The answer will be known before midnight Friday.

The US Congress

If  Senate will not approve the wall, The House will have the possibility to sign a short-term spending bill that did not include such funding. Trump and Congress must come to agreement on a funding bill. All signs are pointing to a partial government shutdown. The president has been scheduled to leave Washington for a 16-day vacation to Mar-a-Lago in Florida but press secretary Sarah Sanders told reporters Thursday night that he would remain in the capital if a shutdown occurs.


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