Former President Obama visited a Washington children hospital dressed in Santa


“My reindeer were stuck in some snow and I just wanted to make sure I made the trip and had the chance to see all of you guys,” Mr. Obama said as he entered a playroom. He visited individual patients and families in their rooms as well as several playrooms and didtributed gifts. In a video posted by the hospital on Twitter, Obama led a chorus of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” with hospital staff before thanking them for their work. “At a time that’s obviously tougher for folks…to have nurses, staff, doctors, people who are caring for [the children], looking after them, just being there for him and holding their hand. That’s the most important thing there is. What a great reminder of what the holiday spirit is supposed to be all about,” Obama said.


The hospital expressed gratitude on a tweet: „Thank you @BarackObama for making our patients’ day so much brighter. Your surprise warmed our hallways and put smiles on everyone’s faces! Our patients loved your company…and your gifts!” For Mr. Obama it’s a now annual tradition. Obama and Michelle have made youth organizations and children a priority with the Obama Foundation.


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