50 feet waves are expected Monday at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach


Surf as high as 50 feet as tall as 5-story buildings are expected to pound the coast in some locations after a storm front moved into the Bay Area on Sunday morning. Even on beaches that typically have mild surf, waves of 25 feet, punctuated with occasional 40-footers, could be common.“You’re walking your dog on the beach, and suddenly you’re in chest-deep water. And that could pull you out to sea,” Francis Zamora, a spokesman for the Department of Emergency Management, said. Warnings were posted in place at the beach. The weather service called it the largest wave event so far this season.

Warning on the beach

People ignoring warnings and heading to the beach are advised to stay far from the water’s edge and not to turn their backs to the surf. Officials with the Mavericks surf competition, which welcomes monster waves, decided the surf was too rough to hold the big-wave contest on Monday or Tuesday. The weather service also issued a warning to boaters with small vessels, urging them to avoid navigating the rough waters in the San Francisco and Monterey bays.


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