Incident at landing at the Burbank airport for a Southwest Airlines flight


The plane hydroplaned on a wet runway after landing and that the pilot regained control hit brakes.There were 117 people onboard. The plane came to rest in the Engineered Material Arresting System, at the end of the runway. The Boeing 737 came to a sudden stop after hitting a barrier designed to catch aircraft that leave the runway. However, this occurred came to a halt just yards away from a major motorway.The incident occurred during torrential rain in the Los Angeles County area.


Over one six-hour span, the area received 1.66 inches of rain. Its monthly average is 2.4 inches. Around the time of the incident, visibility at the airport dropped to 1 mile. Emergency crews were at the scene helping to evacuate terrified passengers. The FAA confirmed the incident on Twitter. The air company reported there were no injuries. Runway 8/26 was closed following the event. 20 Southwest Airlines departures were canceled. It has 57 daily departures from Burbank. Southwest said: “We have some really great pilots who ensure the safety of our customers!”


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