Imprisoned murderer with life sentence confessed other 87 cases


The FBI believes him. If this will be proved, may be among the most prolific serial killers in US criminal history. Investigators say they have already linked him to 34 murders. Little is  serving life in prison after he was arrested at a Kentucky homeless shelter in 2012, being sentenced in 2014 for the murders of only three women, all beaten and strangled. Throughout his murder trial, Little insisted he was innocent. Some unsolved cold-case murders were reopened now to investigate. He found and killed his victims on a large area across the U.S., in 16 states, targeting marginalised and vulnerable women who were involved in prostitution or addicted to drugs.

The murderer

Some patterns were identified by the investigators. Some of the women Little killed remain unidentified but he remembers every of them. Little’s criminal history began in 1956 and he’s been arrested nearly 100 times.The FBI says the 78-year-old is now “in poor health” and is likely to now remain in prison in Texas until his death.


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