Elon Musk’s Boring Company abandoned a tunnel under Los Angeles


The project, announced last spring, had entailed building a 2.7-mile test tunnel under Sepulveda Boulevard, adjacent to the crowded 405 freeway, under public property. What the Boring Company calls “the Loop” would shoot passenger-packed pods on electric-powered platforms through a network of underground tunnels at 150 miles an hour, 15 times faster than today’s processes. Musk has said that he would like to weave hundreds or even thousands of small stations throughout the metro, supported by layers and layers of 14-foot-diameter tunnels.


Now, plans changed a little. Next month, BoCo plans to open a 2-mile test tunnel in Hawthorne, right near SpaceX headquarters, to the public. It says it’s moving forward with plans to build another test tunnel, making it easier to get to traffic-engulfed Dodger Stadium. The Boring Company also has proposed building a 35-mile “Loop” to connect Maryland and Washington, DC, and has permission to begin preliminary digging in both. And in June, the city of Chicago selected the Boring Company to “enter into exclusive negotiations” to build a high-speed connection between its downtown and O’Hare Airport.


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