A house exploded in St.Paul, Minnesota


The property affected is a small single-family home.The whole block has been condemned. The explosion damaged surrounding structures, including a church, two businesses  and many homes. Eight different fire companies and three different medical units responded to the scene. Firefighters dug through the debris. Eleven people were displaced. The property impacted by the blast is on the corner of Payne Avenue and Edgerton Street, just north of downtown. Authorities are trying to figure out what caused the explosion the morning after Thanksgiving.

Debris after explosion

A natural gas explosion is suspected. One injured person, an 80-year-old man, was rescued from the home and taken to the hospital. He only suffered minor injuries, namely some burns to his hands. A dog and a cat were also removed. The pets seem fine. The gas line was cut off. Surveillance footage from a nearby property captured the moment when the house exploded sending a fireball about 100 feet into the sky. “Our thoughts are with the residents affected by this incident. We are working with fire officials and emergency responders on the scene, and our emergency responders have completed safety checks of the area to confirm it is safe. We will coordinate with fire officials on the investigation into the cause of the incident. Protecting the safety of the public and of our employees is a core value and we take it very seriously,” Xcel Energy said in a statement.


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