Shooting with victims at an Alabama mall before Black Friday


The happened about 9:30 p.m. Thursday at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, a nearby suburb of Birmingham. Police say a fight between two teens, including an 18-year-old, resulted in a gunfire exchange. One teen fled. He meet two Hoover police officers. An armed Hoover police officer who was working security at the mall confronted the gunman as he ran away from the scene and fatally shot him. There was a heavy police presence inside the building at the time of the . The Riverchase Galleria said the mall was closed during investigation but reopened for Black Friday shopping. A 12-year-old girl also struck by gunfire was hospitalized. She has had surgery and “does not have life-threatening injuries.” Police do not know how the confrontation began.


Witnesses described hearing gunshots inside the mall, which was open late on Thanksgiving. The scene was chaotic, the mall was crowded with thousands of people. Stampede for the exits occurred. Pictures on social media show people crouched down on floors as they hid inside shops. “Everyone was just yelling to run. We ran out in full sprint and it was just pure pandemonium,” one man said.The shopping center is owned by Brookfield Properties.


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