California Camp Fire disaster is inimaginable, showing its real dimension


However there are duplicate names inside. Some people who may have evacuated can’t be reached because cell phone service is unreliable.The death toll from the fire is now 74. The Camp Fire has destroyed about 9,700 homes and scorched 146,000 acres (an increase of 5,000 acres Friday). The fire is 50% contained. More than 140 survivors staying at nearby shelters are now facing norovirus symptoms and “the number of sick people is increasing every day,” Butte County’s Public Health Department announced. It causes vomiting and diarrhea. Some people staying at the shelters have opted to stay in their cars.

Satellite image of the area

President is expected to visit the region Saturday. Smoke from the deadly Camp Fire spread more than 150 miles away. The Air Quality Index, a measure of dangerous smoke and exhaust particulates in the air, reached 246 in Oakland and 239 in San Francisco by late Friday afternoon, the worst in the 20 years of their recorded air-quality history. An AQI of 150 is considered “unhealthy” and 200 “very unhealthy.” The damaging particulates measured by AQI are so small, they can get past a human being’s natural filters and infiltrate the lungs. This unhealthy air will lead to premature deaths of some elderly and other at-risk people.The annual football meeting between arch rivals UC-Berkeley and Stanford has been rescheduled for Dec. 1 at Cal Memorial Stadium. Bay Area residents were urged to stay indoors in possible.


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