A Florida man was arrested after he manufactured an explosive substance


Jared Coburn, 37, was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of manufacturing the chemical. Police discovered jars of the highly explosive and highly volatile substance triacetone triperoxide. Coburn told police that he was trying to make homemade fireworks. He also sustained that he began making explosives when he discovered a passion for model rockets and began to experiment with other types of explosives when those model rockets weren’t exciting enough, according to a police report. Coburn said he used YouTube videos to “progress his knowledge.” He has been charged with making or possessing explosives and two counts of making or possessing a destructive device.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives participated at the search in home. The items discovered were later detonated in a safe place in Lake Helen. The “Mother of Satan” is a chemical that is supposed to be ignited in order to detonate but is so unstable it can detonate on its own. “Did he have more sinister plans? We don’t know. But the bottom line is, if you take this as mundane, that he was a frustrated chemist and just playing chemist, he still had the potential to blow up the block” Sheriff Mike Chitwood declared.


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