A teacher in Texas committed suicide inside the school


A staff member at Wessendorff Middle School in Rosenberg found fine arts teacher Jordan Halane unconscious. He died later at the hospital. Rosenberg police determined his death to be a suicide . Linda Drummond, a spokesperson at Oak Bend Medical Center, said she could not release any information about patients at the hospital. The district said students were not in danger and no weapons were found on the campus. Students were placed on hold in their classrooms.

Wessendorff Middle School in Rosenberg

Not a lot of details have been released, no word on what exactly happened in that classroom. The school says the kids were unaware of the situation. There was minimal disruption to the instructional day. The school notified parents of the supposed suicide before notifying students. “Our focus is always on the safety and well-being of our students. We felt that you should be aware of the situation in case your child comes home with questions or concerns,” the school’s principal wrote in an email to parents. Counselors would be available to students or teachers throughout the week. Jordan Halane, 31, married in December 2016 and described himself a ‘lifelong music lover’ who was ‘passionate about education.’


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