A lot of human teeth inside a wall, in Georgia


They found the teeth after knocking out a wall on the building’s second floor. While it’s unclear why the teeth were inside the wall, Harry Evans, a researcher for the Lowndes County Historical Society and Museum, told the media the building was once occupied by a dentist named Clarence Whittington, in 1900. The building was then occupied by a different dentist, Dr. Lester G. Youmans, until at least 1930. What’s even more unusual, this isn’t the first time human teeth have been found in older buildings in the state. Teeth have been found in buildings in both Greensboro and Carrollton.

Teeth from inside the wall

Dentists at the time may have done this to dispose of pulled teeth, IFLScience reported. “Here at the historical museum, we see them having another story,” the researcher Davis said, adding he would be interested in trying to have DNA testing performed on the teeth. The City of Valdosta is holding a giveaway on social media. A portion of the found teeth have been placed in a jar and whoever can guess how many are in the container will win. They’re offering a prize to the person who can guess the exact amount of teeth. The discovery is also considered a unique way to promote downtown Valdosta. “They want to come down, they want to learn about the teeth, they want to see the building where they were found. If they just come and hang out and buy a cup of coffee, that’ll be a win for all of us,” said Ellen Hill with Valdosta Main Street.


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