President Obama and Mitt Romney shares Lunch at the White House


The lunch as held with the aim come to an agreement overcoming the differences that defined the Presidential election.

The meeting is the first one since President Obama won the election back on November 6, 2012. During the winning speech he promised to work together with Mitt Romney and the meeting is just the first step in doing so.

According to White House spokesman Jay Carney, President Obama did not have any particular agenda for the event. He simply wanted to discuss Romney’s ideas to run the government more effectively.

President remarked Romney’s success in organizing the Olympics and asked for suggestion to run the Federal government more effectively.

Sourced by Obama aides, the meeting was scheduled right after the Thanksgiving. President Obama and Mitt Romney are expected to have a private discussion at a White House room with no media coverage. Media speculates that they would likely be discussing on how to tackle the forthcoming “fiscal cliff”.


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