Hurricane Michael is the first Category 4 in Florida, possibly the worst in a century


Dangerous storm surge, damaging winds and flooding rain are likely impacts from the storm which is the first Category 4 or stronger hurricane in the area. It can be the worst storm in a century. as Gov. Rick Scott said Wednesday morning. He activated 2,500 National Guardsmen and said more than 1,000 search-and-rescue personnel will be deployed once the storm passes.The storm’s winds have increased to more than 140 mph with higher gusts, the National Hurricane Center said. There are life-threatening hurricane winds. Tropical storm warnings and watches are posted along the Southeast coast as far north as the Outer Banks.


The chance of tornadoes will also increase into Wednesday over parts of the Panhandle, the northern Florida Peninsula and southern Georgia. About 3.8 million people are in danger in Florida but hurricane warnings cover 15.9 million people in several states. Thousands of people have evacuated the Florida Panhandle in anticipation. Officials issued mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders in at least 22 counties on the Florida Gulf Coast. Many homes will be at risk. Particularly there are a lot of trailer home’s residents in Florida. Vacationers are also taking action. “There will be hundreds of thousands, if not millions, without power for a very long time,” meteorologist Chad Myers anticipated.


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