A man in California was bitten by a zoo lion when he entered animal’s enclosure


He allegedly jumped the 8-foot wire zoo perimeter fence topped with barbed wire. After, he climbed another fence before attempting to climb the 19-foot mesh fence at the African Adventure exhibit where the lions live. A lion bit him on a foot but the man suffered minor injuries. There are two lionesses in the enclosure, Zamaya, 4 years old, and Kiki, in her mid-teens. The zoo security located the man and pulled him down. Zoo security then called the police. The 40-acre zoo is reviewing surveillance footage of the incident but has found no video of the man’s climbing any of the fences.

The man bitten by lion

The identity of the man was not known at that moment. He was later identified as has been identified as 38-year-old Julio Mendez. Each lion was checked out by a veterinarian because police say Mendez was under the influence. Police found drug paraphernalia on Mendez. The man received medical attention. He told them he climbed over the fences because he was being chased. The man was arrested and cited for trespassing and taken to the hospital. However a second person was not observed in the area.Four years ago another person jumped the zoo’s perimeter barrier and climbed into the orangutan enclosure.


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