A South Carolina woman killed her husband with eye drops


She confessed to poisoning him, authorities said, telling investigators that she placed eye drops in his drinking water for several days. Stephen Clayton was found dead in his home in Clover, South Carolina. Neighbors have expressed their shock. An autopsy, later, after his wife held a funeral for him in their backyard,  found poisonous levels of tetrahydrozoline in man’s body. Tetrahydrozoline is a chemical found in over-the-counter eye drops used to clear up eye redness. When taken orally the decongestant acts as a neurotoxin and can attack the nervous system. Clayton admits to spiking husband’s food with it between July 19 and 21 and lethally poisoning him.

The house of the couple is worth $822,000

The couple had been married for eight years. The home they lived in was worth $822,000 and modeled after the George Washington Mount Vernon Estate. “We don’t have a clear cut reason why she committed the crime that she did, or what kind of motive she may have had. But we’re still kind of working on that.” Trent Faris, public information officer for the York County Sheriff’s Office, told to media. Lana Clayton was booked into the York County Detention Center on charges of murder and malicious tampering with a drug product or food.


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