Many people injured and two missing in a boat collision in Colorado River


13 people were injured and two are missing and “presumed submerged”, authorities said. Emergency services scrambled to the scene. People injured were spread a few miles down the river. One boat sank in the collision. The second boat was badly damaged, but remained afloat. One boat passenger suffered life-threatening injuries and was transported to University Medical Center in Las Vegas, said Eric Sherwin, a spokesman for the San Bernardino County Fire District. Six others were taken to local hospitals for less serious injuries, while another six had only minor injuries. Divers were called off searching for the remaining two people.

Moabi Regional Park

The Moabi Regional Park is a popular water recreation area along the California border with Arizona. Moabi Regional Park is located along historic Route 66 along the banks of the Colorado River, near the meeting of the California, Nevada and Arizona state lines. Among the most popular activities are swimming, water-skiing and lounging on the park’s sandy beaches.

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